Christy Lowe, Certified ISR Instructor


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and this amazing, life-saving program. Born and raised in Tampa, I ventured “all the way” to Orlando while attending college at the University of Central Florida (GO KNIGHTS!). After graduating with a degree in Marketing & Communications, I married my high school sweet heart, Brad, in 2001.

In 2003, we became parents to our first little boy, Bryce. I was introduced to ISR when Bryce was 11 months old. At that time, we did not have a pool at our home. However, my parents and in-laws both lived on lakes and had pools. We wanted the extra security knowing that our baby would be able to help himself if he reached the water by accident, alone. After he completed his lessons, we became HUGE advocates for the program and began promoting the program to our family and friends. It was then, that I knew I wanted to become an Instructor. 

In 2007, our second son, Brenan was born. What a difference number two is- lol! He went through the ISR program as an infant…then we tried traditional swimming lessons with him as a toddler and QUICKLY realized he needed to stick with survival swim…so back to ISR he went! 

Both boys, (Bryce, 20 and Brenan 16), are amazing swimmers to this day and enjoy floating when in the ocean and in lakes. Although they protested a little throughout their ISR journey, neither of them remember the experience as anything but “fun”.

In July of 2012 I began the intense six week training course to become an ISR instructor. I spent many hours in the pool during this training as well as in a classroom setting- learning the psychology and technique behind this unique program. I was very excited to earn my certification and begin teaching my first set of students! Each year, we have continuing education credits in the form of workshops, video review, video submission, etc. We are always learning to fulfil the ISR mission- that not one more child drowns.